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Welcome to the article section of my website. Here you find my writings on programming issues and life as a software developer in general. Have fun.

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2016-08-01: Gabor's Manifesto

Rant about code quality...

2015-07-02: Tiniest Query Builder

Personally, I am not a fan of query builders. Still, programatically constructing queries from search forms can be quite tedious, so I created, what I think, is the tiniest query builder in the world, just 23 lines of code...

2015-01-10: Testing protected methods

When googling about this subject I often read about reflection APIs etc. However, as it turns out there is a far easier way to unit test protected methods in PHP.

2014-12-14: Escape from Systemd

Not really happy with systemd ? Well, look at the bright side...

2014-10-12: Migrated to new server

Moved this site to a new server.

2014-05-18: Introducing BlackScript

I have always been fascinated by object-oriented JavaScript. I have written some controversial articles about OOP in the past, but they are hopelessly outdated by now. For instance, I assumed at the start of those articles that people did not know about JavaScript having the capability of using object oriented techniques. This has all been changed of course, thanks to the rise of JavaScript MVC architectures.
While the core ideas have remained the same, I have rephrased the old articles and bundled them into a new one. This time, the article is called 'BlackScript', hope you enjoy it! Read BlackScript.

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