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Hello and welcome to my personal homepage. My name is Gabor de Mooij and my passion is to develop software. On this page I present my open source projects, all licensed New BSD. Feel free to use any library in your project, I hope they can be of any use.


RedBeanPHP is an object relational mapper for PHP. RedBeanPHP is different from other ORMs because it creates the database schema on-the-fly, while you are developing your application. This approach improves developer productivity because there is no need to switch between your editor and your database management tools. RedBeanPHP also offers a very simple, straightforward way to map relations based on simple conventions. If you are interested in this library, feel free to consult the RedBeanPHP website for further details.

>>Go to the RedBeanPHP Website


The Stamp Template Engine is a templating library for PHP. Stamp TE is a string based templating system. This means you create templates by cutting pieces out of a master template and pasting them somewhere else, much like a construction kit. I think this is a better way to manage complex templates. Besides, it ensures a complete separation between markup and code. Templates contain only HTML and some StampTE markers but there is no inline PHP code. Curious? Why not give it a try?

>>Go to the Stamp Website.

Dinky Programming Language

I have always wanted to create my own programming language. This is my personal research project. I hope to learn more about parsers, lexers and virtual machines. This system is written in C.

>>Go to the Dinky Website.

My writings: Notes on Software Development.

My Writings

Take a look at my notes on software development.


Gabor de Mooij
Software Developer
Developing in PHP, Javascript and C.