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Hello and welcome to my personal homepage. My name is Gabor de Mooij and my passion is to develop software. On this page I present my open source projects, all licensed New BSD. Feel free to use any library in your project, I hope they can be of any use.


RedBeanPHP is an object relational mapper for PHP. RedBeanPHP is different from other ORMs because it creates the database schema on-the-fly, while you are developing your application. This approach improves developer productivity because there is no need to switch between your editor and your database management tools. RedBeanPHP also offers a very simple, straightforward way to map relations based on simple conventions. If you are interested in this library, feel free to consult the RedBeanPHP website for further details.

>>Go to the RedBeanPHP Website


The Stamp Template Engine is a templating library for PHP. Stamp TE is a string based templating system. This means you create templates by cutting pieces out of a master template and pasting them somewhere else, much like a construction kit. I think this is a better way to manage complex templates. Besides, it ensures a complete separation between markup and code. Templates contain only HTML and some StampTE markers but there is no inline PHP code. Curious? Why not give it a try?

>>Go to the Stamp Website.


As a society we depend on software. Our world is 'eaten' by software. We need programs to communicate, to shop, to automate things, to monitor and so on.

The most important thing about well-written code is maintainability. Without maintainable code, there can be no stability, no security and no performance. The foundation of your code needs to be solid, it needs to be maintainable. Easy for people to read and easy to adapt. We, developers, have a tendency to make things complex. We should resist the temptation to introduce unnecessary abstractions, redundant layers and useless convulted constructions. Complexity will happen eventually, for me, that's soon enough.


Gabor de Mooij
Software Developer
Developing in PHP, Javascript and C.